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California Realty Partners is your premier residential purchase and refinance lender. Our sole focus at CA Realty Partners is finding the perfect loan for clients in any financial situation. We have developed a strong reputation with some of the largest banks and lending institutions in the Industry. This allows our team to review your current situation and place you in a loan that works for you.

We take great pride in bringing innovative solutions to the communities we serve in order to meet your financial goals. Whether you need the security of a fixed rate loan or the flexibility of an adjustable rate mortgage, we can help. Call today and one of our loan professionals will work up a free total cost analysis comparing your current loan and our proposed financing. It allows you to "crunch the numbers" and make an educated decision. This is no cost to you. If you are looking for a mortgage lender that is going to exceed your expectations, then call us today.
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We at United Lending Partners pride ourselves on finding the right loan product to fit our needs. We work constantly with the lending community to come up with new products and programs which will benefit you.

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  • California Realty Partners knows that finding the value of a home takes skill!  “Value” in real estate sales means what a seller will sell a house for OR what a qualified buyer is willing to pay for it.  Professionals use many approaches, which often  leads to different values for the same property.  We show you how homes are valued and:


    • Will help you set up a home appraisal to help set the home’s value
    • Will do a Comparative Market Analysis of your home to see how it compares to similar homes’ values
    • Will help you research recently sold homes in your neighborhood which will tell you the most about your home’s value and fair selling price
    • Will help you understand how other factors affect value, such as curb appeal, closeness to cafes & stores, extras like a pool or good view, traffic noise, and your home’s  school district


    Contact California Reality Partners today—we are ready to help you become knowledgeable sellers! 
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  • California Realty Partners knows that property selling involves more than  placing a FOR SALE sign in a yard or putting a listing on the internet. You need a sales professional to create a sales plan that is personalized to your needs, including:


    • Assessing  your property—what are its best features
    • How to showcase the home’s assets
    • What improvements would help it sell
    • How to set the best price
    • Steps in the selling process


    You want your home to sell as quickly as possible and California Realty Partners is ready to prepare you and your home for that!
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  • California Realty Partners is happy to help you by providing all the tools that you need to make the best possible decisions while searching for a new house. Click the button below to use our mortgage calculator.
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